Saturday, July 23, 2011

Catching up and getting organized, an ongoing process.

So my intention was to blog at least once a week...annnnnnd let's just admit right up front, that didn't happen. That's ok...nothing to beat myself up over, things have been crazy busy over here! Mr. Husband finished painting our dining room, and I reassembled the newly painted hutch and it is currently housing my collection of Fiestawear and California pottery...the colors are so yummy! We spent an evening hanging a mirror and shelf right above the buffet the night before the piano movers came. It was perfect! The mirror was just the right height to reflect the funky curtains and light through the windows, while the shelf was perfect for displaying artwork and a few choice pieces of glassware...buuuuuuuut...when the piano movers arrived with our 'new-to-us' piano, the space we had intended to put the piano next to the fireplace ended up being exactly two inches too short and this caused a conundrum of sorts which was like the real life equivalent of those picture puzzles where you have to move one tile fifty times before you can get all the tiles in their correct spot so you can see the whole picture correctly. Well, that's what this 'new to us' piano did to our house, because since it didn't fit next to the fireplace, the only other place it made sense to put it would be in the dining room...where the buffet and newly placed shelf and mirror resided. So we moved the mirror up six inches, and got rid of the shelf. The buffet went in the living room for two weeks, while we prepped for a huge yard sale and then recuperated from our huge yard sale. We knew we were going to put the buffet upstairs in the master bedroom,because I needed more storage up there,  but first we had to move a desk from the bedroom into the office to make room for the buffet...this was a bigger deal than it sounds, because a path to the office needed to be made, so the office contents needed to be shoved to one side, and a bookcase moved from the hall...then we could finally move the desk! Progress, but there's still a long way to go! So a few days later, the buffet got moved up to the master bedroom, and while that was going on, a new bookcase acquired during a trade with our neighbor during the huge yard sale got moved up to the hallway and the old bookcase moved downstairs. The bookcase that got moved downstairs doesn't quite fit, so right now, we  are playing musical bookcases to try and make it all fit...that's where we are right now...a little closer to the end, but not quite there yet! Our poor living room and dining room look like we just moved in, and on top of all that chaos, we have been beset by ANTS!!! I guess they are just looking for water, but it's so annoying that there are random ants cruising around the bathroom and kitchen just waiting for me to slip up and leave a chocolate cake on the counter for them to attack. I wanted to post pics, but I seem to have misplaced my camera that will have to wait, also! Sheesh! I can't imagine what things will be like if we actually moved! Yikes!

Even though I have been keeping busy with all sorts of domestic antics, I have still managed to make time for crafting! Last weekend, I shared a pop up tent with  Beth Musial again at the Sidewalk Art Sale hosted at the Riverside Plaza by the Riverside Arts Project, it was SUCH a hot day! Thank goodness for Beth's pop up tent!!!
This Sunday is The Riverside Art Bazaar "Summer Sale"at Back to the Grind, downtown, from 2p.m. till 8p.m. I am especially excited about this sale because I am going to be selling my usual ButtonButton wares and such, but this Sunday I will also be helping people make DIY shrinky dink jewelry from recycled #6 plastic!!! So for a nominal fee, you can design your own pair of earrings, or  necklace, and I will shrink it for you and attach jewelry fixings! I have done this as a workshop a few times and it was a blast, so I am really looking forward to this Sunday!

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