Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day, Honey-Do's and To Do's!!!

Hey there, Who-bies!!! You like that? That's what I'ma call y'all from now's got a little ring to it. So, for all my Who-bies who've been wondering where ma Owlies at...I have got new-hew-hewz for youse! This Sunday, which is Father's Day, I will be participating in the Sidewalk Art Sale hosted at the Riverside Plaza by the Riverside Arts Project ! I will be sharing an EZ-up with Manda Millar  and Beth Musial out in front of El Torito, getting cozy and hoping if you need a last minute gift for Dad, that you'll think about getting him an owl!
As always, things around here are crazy busy! I stayed up late Tuesday night putting the finishing touches on the kitchen that Mr. Husband so graciously reconfigured while I was up north for my godson's christening. Our kitchen is so much more functional now that our fridge is off in the nook, instead of being in the center of everything, and now we've actually got counter space...all that was needed were a few cosmetic touches, such as art rehung on the walls and new curtains! I got pretty creative with some vintage linen and Ralph Lauren bedsheets. I will try to post pics ASAP. Also, Mr. Husband had a whole week off between semesters so we've been taking this opportunity to finish what feels like millions of projects that have been languishing on his "Honey-Do" List. We finished painting the hutch I got two months ago on a spur of the moment drive through Redlands Thrift Store was originally this funky maple, but we painted it a lovely golden yellow color...sure to provide quite a punch of color in our newly painted, granny apple green dining room!!! Once the room is done being painted, I can hang the lovely vintage curtains I got for $15 last month at an estate sale. And once we rent a U-Haul truck and get about three guys to help, we can go get the piano we bought for $50 at a church rummage sale and we will be all set for Sunday dinners and Sing-a-longs at the Button Haus! I spent last Saturday sewing in the shade dappled sunshine of my backyard with the lovely Manda and Panda and I must say, it was not only a most enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, but highly productive! I am one step closer to having  merch specifically for Etsy and other stuff, just for the one coming up this Sunday!

In other news, I am participating twofold in next Sundays To-Do Fest!!! To-Do Fest is an awesome gathering of amazing artists, musicians, green educators together to help spread the word about sustainable living. Who can't get on board with that good stuff? Not only will I have a table there for Button, Button, Who! But I will also be running a craft workshop for my group Riverside Craft Therapy! We will be making Shrinky Dinks out of recycled #6 plastic! If you are interested in partaking of the Shrinky Dink workshop, bring any clean #6 plastic you have collected, (the flatter, the better), permanent markers, and/or any old jewelry we can cannibalize for parts (i.e. necklace closures, jump rings, earring hooks)...we will have some to share! 

Stay tuned for more info about upcoming events! I haven't forgotten my promise to get merch in the Etsy shop this summer, and also, there are ArtWalk and Art Bazaar coming up in July!!! It's going to be a fabulous summer, I can feel it!

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