Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rise and Shine!!! Wakey, wakey, buttons and bakey!

Unfortunately, the busy button bees at the Button Haus took a little longer this year to end their hibernation  than expected, but all is well...all the buttons have risen and shone with our first event of the year, SaturationFest! It was a whirlwind 4 days, what with the kick off on Thursday at the Division 9 Gallery North of Mr. Husband's band Captain Apache at which we had a lovely little table! It was a great show and Captain Apache and Mute Point rocked the basement! We took Friday off due to work schedule conflicts and set up shop for the weekend at Back to the Grind for Riverside Craft Therapy's Art Supply Swap and Craft on Saturday and The Riverside Art Bazaar on Sunday!
Artsy Owlies at SaturationFest!
It was a lovely weekend, but by Monday, I was ready for a much needed rest...spent all day in my jammies, house-sitting in the lap of luxury, eating and sleeping and catching up on The Office. I guess my body was trying to tell me something, because by Tuesday, I had a full blown cold, complete with nasty cough...which knocked me out for a good part of the week and kept me and the buttons home on Thursday night when we wanted to be at ArtWalk!!! Oh, well...there's always next month, right? And besides that...I am making my solemn promise to you, that this summer I WILL put stock in the Etsy shop!!! I MEAN IT!!!!

Stay tuned for more Button news...another Art Bazaar will be in the works soon and a possible spot at To-Do Fest!!!

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