Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gearing Up, to Wind Down!

As it nears ever closer to Christmas, I can feel myself relax a little more by the moment! I am starting to really get into the Christmas spirit! I got all our gift shopping done, in one afternoon, at least for friends and family. Mr. Husband and I are are keeping it VERY simple this year, and not exchanging gifts until Dia de los Reyes...or as the song says, the twelfth day of Christmas! I have made plans to bake persimmon cookies this morning, and then wrap presents and sign cards with the Hubs! Things that were stressing me out just days ago, like the fact that we have done zero Christmas decorating here at the Button Haus, and I mean, literally... ZERO, have ceased to bother me, ever since I accepted the fact that due to our adoption of a cat with a penchant for mischief, not to mention red wine, it would just be begging for trouble to even think about setting up a proper Christmas tree.  I don't think I could withstand the heartbreak it would cause to get our lovely white, artificial tree (which was a $5.00 score at a yard sale 2 years ago!) set up in all it's 1950's resplendent glory, complete with my collection of vintage ornaments... only to have the kitten tear it to glittery shreds in a matter of moments. I mean, look at what this little guy does to a bottle of La Finca Malbec! Yes, he is a wino. My husband and I thought it was ever so cute when he started casually stealing sips from our glasses when we would have a glass of wine, until the other night when this happened...

He jumped up on the counter and knocked the bottle onto the floor, breaking two wine glasses in the process. Thank goodness no one was cut or hurt...but that was what effectively put the nail in the coffin for our dreams of a White Christmas tree this least until he gets neutered and calms down a little bit! He's been so gosh darned rambunctious lately, I can only attribute it to his little raging hormones!

Another thing winding down is our stay at Division 9 Gallery!!! It has been so lovely to be centralized in a permanent location this month, and it's been tons of fun hanging out with Cosme Cordova and Micheal Elderman and all the interns at the Gallery... everyone has been extremely welcoming and supportive...and I got to meet so many new people! It really was a wonderful time.Our official last day in the Gallery is tomorrow, Thursday the 22nd and I will be there from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00, so if you are in the area and have been putting off coming down, that will be your last chance to catch Button, Button, Who! and get your one-of-a-kind, handmade gifts checked off your shopping list!

We still have some really cute dolls left! Not to mention, our assortment of mini and full sized stockings made from reclaimed felted cashmere! The mini stockings are going fast, thanks to a big order from a certain lovely Mother-in-Law who shall remain nameless! Each day she has added more to her stash! Hurry and get yours before they are gone and you will only have full sizes to choose from!

Not that that would be so bad either...every time I make the big guys, I find something to add to them, and this year, it was the scallop trim! I would be lying if I told you I was not pleased with the effect. Not to toot my own horn, but I wouldn't mind keeping these for myself and replacing the ones I made for Mr. Husband and myself years ago, when I was first beginning to fiddle around with felted wool!

I had seen the beautiful stockings that Alicia Paulson was making with felted wool and was inspired to make some for myself and Mr. Hubs, who back then, was still Mr. Boyfriend. I love her blog, Posie Gets Cozy and I find so much inspiration from her writing. I have been following her blog for years now, and tell anyone who will listen about it! She has the most wonderful photo essays, and her writing style is so clear. I hope you will hop over and take a look for yourselves!

So, if the end of the year keeps going in this relaxed a manner, I can say that, that is just all right with me. I am looking forward to holidays spent with my family and later on with friends, with a LOT of movie watching and snacking with Mr. Hubs sandwiched in between! I swear, I am the luckiest gal! Lucky in Love, Friends, and Family! What more can one person want!

Happy Holidays from the Button Haus! 

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  1. Gorgeous stuff. You are truly talented!

    Happy holidays to you and yours!